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The Brief – Safety From Violence for Healthcare Employees (SAVE) Act HR 7961

Some professions like airline workers benefit from federal protections against workplace violence, while nurses, physicians, and other health care workers do not.

44 percent of nurses report experiencing physical violence and 68 percent report experiencing some type of verbal abuse. Some high-profile cases such as the recent tragic shooting in an Oklahoma hospital made headlines, but most of the violence, threats, and harassment faced by health care workers never make the news.

‘Under-reported, pervasive and getting worse: Health care workers attacked by patients. Was the article headline out of St. Louis County, MO Stabbings, verbal abuse, physical abuse, hitting, slapping, throwing items, and even gun violence have been recorded against healthcare workers. Unfortunately, this disturbing trend shows no signs of slowing.

In January the American hospital association urged congress to enact the Safety From Violence for Healthcare Employees (SAVE) Act H.R. 7961. The bipartisan bill would make it a federal crime for anyone to assault or intimidate a hospital employee during the course of performing their duties, interfere with the performance of their duties, or attempt to do so. Similar to the enhanced protections for aircraft and airport workers established by Congress, the SAVE Act would go a long way toward preventing violence in the health care setting so that we can deliver quality care to patients without fear. The American hospital association is asking for everyone to get involved by contacting their House members in support of the Safety from Violence for Healthcare Employees (SAVE) Act of 2022.

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