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The Brief – Hospital CEOs Biggest Fear

Becker’s Hospital Review just posted the top concerns in the workplace for Healthcare CEOs. The article shared that “workforce resources” are the number one topic on everyone’s mind: staffing, personal issues, burnout, and the lack of human capital. A close second is financial challenges, which had been the previous #1 topic for over 15 years until 2021. What has really changed? I believe it’s the CEO’s viewpoint. The financial burden has always been an issue in the healthcare industry, especially since COVID. The number one issue today is the “workforce crisis”. Once we satisfy the demand, we can move on to other priorities, such as safety, quality, and governmental mandates to name a few.

“What gets you up every Morning?” Is straightforward. It’s different from “what keeps you up at night” What excites you about going to the office every day? What gives your work-life meaning? Curly said it best in the movie City Slickers: The secret of life is that “one thing.”. You stick to that, and nothing else matters. What is that one thing? Well, that is what you need to figure out! Once you find your “one thing,” you can rest assured that your driving force will help you solve the day-to-day problems. Spend less time fretting over what could go wrong(problems). Spend more time contemplating what could go right (Opportunities).

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Sam Patterson -AVP