“I would recommend  ACUTE CARE, INC. (Now STATUS) they are a reliable staffing service for ED Physicians.”

Bill Bruce, CEO at Crawford County Memorial Hospital

“The physicians that have worked for us through  ACUTE CARE, INC.  (Now STATUS) have been excellent. We are a very small rural hospital, and I feel  ACUTE CARE, INC.  (Now STATUS) does a great job providing us with physicians who are knowledgeable about rural healthcare and an understanding of the challenges that exist because of limited resources.”

Ruth Stephens, CEO at Pawnee County Memorial Hospital 

“I enjoy working for  ACUTE CARE, INC. (Now STATUS) I feel like I’m part of a team, serving under-served areas of the country in need of emergency physicians.”

Dr. Malik 

“I like working with Sarah, she is an excellent member of your staff. Overall, I have had a great experience working with  ACUTE CARE, INC. (Now STATUS)”

Dr. Patel

“Working with  ACUTE CARE, INC. (Now STATUS) has been an amazing experience. The schedulers are awesome!”

Dr. Getta 

“I am still in solo practice in a rural area and am anticipating working at least another seven years. I am starting to look at options that will allow me to supplement my income by exploring other means of practicing medicine without adding to the burdens of solo practice primary care. I was aware that  ACUTE CARE, INC. (Now STATUS) provided locums and ER coverage in Iowa, and I took my advantage of the opportunity offered.”

Dr. Young

ACUTE CARE, INC. (Now STATUS) provides a great opportunity to work with various people and staff. I enjoy being part of a dynamic company that is always growing and quickly responsive to my needs.”

Dr. Rose 

“My experience with  ACUTE CARE, INC. (Now STATUS) and my recruiter has been great. The application and submitting my credentialing documents was very easy! I would recommend  ACUTE CARE, INC. (Now STATUS) because they are easy to work with.”

Dr. Jones

ACUTE CARE, INC. (Now STATUS) is easy to work with and presents many employment opportunities. The recruiter has been very available to answer questions and help when needed.”

Dr. Hahn

“I am extremely thankful to  ACUTE CARE, INC. (Now STATUS) as a company that provides unbelievable pay and great opportunities! The recruiters are awesome!”

Jennie N., ARNP, FNP-C