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The Brief – Improving Physician Relations


Strained relationships between hospital leaders and physicians continue to increase in the healthcare setting. Hospital leaders should focus on common values, but also recognize professional and personality differences.

Ultimately, physicians and healthcare leaders must intimately collaborate, or care does not get delivered. Physicians have become stressed due to increased competition, advancing medical technologies, declining reimbursements, physician shortages, and increased patient volumes. The differences between hospital leaders and physicians may arise from a variety of sources, including education, career paths, organizational perspective, and personality characteristics.

What can we do as hospital leaders to improve physician relationships?

  • Increase effective and meaningful conversations
  • Scheduling 1:1
  • Avoid confrontational and highly charged words- like always and never.
  • Involve physicians in the decision-making process.
  • Solicit input early and often, keep them informed, and meet with them weekly.
  • Increase satisfaction
  • Get to know them personally
  • Listen and take appropriate actions

Building physician relationships is not easy, and the results will not be instantaneous, but good physician relationships are essential to hospital success.

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