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Job Seeker Testimonials : Success Stories

Dr. Malik 

“I enjoy working for  ACUTE CARE, INC. (Now STATUS) I feel like I’m part of a team, serving under-served areas of the country in need of

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Dr. Patel

“I like working with Sarah, she is an excellent member of your staff. Overall, I have had a great experience working with  ACUTE CARE, INC.

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Dr. Getta 

“Working with  ACUTE CARE, INC. (Now STATUS) has been an amazing experience. The schedulers are awesome!”

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Dr. Young

“I am still in solo practice in a rural area and am anticipating working at least another seven years. I am starting to look at

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Dr. Rose 

“ACUTE CARE, INC. (Now STATUS) provides a great opportunity to work with various people and staff. I enjoy being part of a dynamic company that is

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Dr. Jones

“My experience with  ACUTE CARE, INC. (Now STATUS) and my recruiter has been great. The application and submitting my credentialing documents was very easy! I would recommend  ACUTE

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