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Happy National Nurse Practitioners Week 2022 – ACUTE CARE, INC.

Happy National Physician Assistance Week 2022 from ACUTE CARE, INC. (Physician Management Company)

With the #PAsGOBeyond for the fifth year in a row, the PA profession was named one of the top two healthcare professions in the country.

We want to acknowledge and celebrate with you!

Happy National Physician Assistants Week.

October 6-12th 2022

Things you should know! PA’s don’t just see patients…. They see you! Physician Assistants put patients first and use their medical expertise, comprehensive diagnostic skills, and compassion to improve the health of patients and entire communities. A Physician Assistant’s Scope of practice is nearly identical to that of a licensed physician. They are regulated by the same board as a physician They don’t need an attending physician on site to practice medicine PAs have more than 514 million patient interactions every year. PAs believe communities flourish when people are healthy—when their care is personalized and effective, their concerns are heard, their questions are answered, and they’re empowered to take charge of their long-term health and well-being. PAs Go Beyond because they believe expanding access to quality care is more than just a job—it’s a call to service.

Our Philosophy is: It’s all about you!

At ACUTE CARE, INC. we hire independent Contracted PA’s and staff them in hospitals and healthcare settings across the nation. We value the expertise and skills you bring to this profession!

From the entire staff here at ACUTE CARE, INC. Happy National Physician Assistants week!

Sam Patterson- AVP