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CMS Hospital Price Transparency Enforcement Process- Update

CMS has updated its enforcement process. These changes could affect your hospital. As of April 2023, CMS has issued more than 730 warning notices and 269 corrective action plan requests, and Four hospitals have been fined for noncompliance.
Here are four updates you should know.
1. If your hospital is out of compliance, you will need to submit a corrective action plan within 45 days but will now require hospitals to be in full compliance within 90 days.
2. CMS will now automatically impose fines on hospitals that do not submit a corrective action plan at the end of the 45-day submission deadline.
3. For hospitals that submit a corrective action plan by the 45-day submission deadline but fail to comply with the terms of the plan by the end of the 90-day deadline, CMS will re-review the hospitals files to determine whether any violations cited continue to exist and, if so, impose an automatic fine.
4. CMS will no longer issue warning notices to hospitals that do not make any attempt to satisfy the requirements. Currently, CMS does not issue corrective action plans without first issuing a warning notice.

By making prices more transparent, we can create a more competitive market that benefits both patients and hospitals. Let’s work together to make sure that we’re all compliant with these new rules and that we’re providing the best possible care to our patients.

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