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ACUTE CARE, INC. Supports The Rural Health Care Recommendations of the Bipartisan Policy Committee

Grace Girard, the Government Affairs Grassroots & Comm Coordinator for the National Rural Health Association, writes on the NRHA’s Grassroots Advocacy Forum:

The Bipartisan Policy Committee (BPC) recently released a report entitled The Impact of COVID-19 on the Rural Health Care Landscape, which outlines policy recommendations based on the impact COVID-19 had on rural providers and their communities. Rural stakeholders that informed BPC’s findings noted that Federal support has helped rural hospitals stay afloat during the pandemic, but once funding from the public health emergency ends, many hospitals may be at risk of closure once again. Action must be taken to support and stabilize rural health providers for the long term.
There are four overarching recommendations from the BPC report: 

  • Provide immediate stabilization for rural health systems.  
  • Strengthen the rural emergency hospital model and advance other rural care delivery transformations.  
  • Ensure an adequate rural health care workforce.  
  • Secure access to virtual care in rural communities. 
ACUTE CARE, INC. supports these recommendations, as they hold the promise of advancing the effort to provide sustainability to rural America’s healthcare safety net.
Ms. Girard notes:

Many of the policy objectives laid out under these recommendations by the BPC and their findings of the current status of rural providers align with NRHA’s advocacy. We must together lift our voices up for the future of rural health care. NRHA is happy to see BPC focusing on the needs of rural providers and their communities.

Please go to NRHA’s Advocacy Campaigns to engage on these important issues.  Feel free to contact the NRHA Government Affairs Team with any questions or comments.   

ACUTE CARE, INC. is proud to be a member of the National Rural Hospital Association and supports their effective work and advocacy on behalf of the facilities and communities we serve.

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Paul Hudson, FACHE
Chief Operating Office